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Guys, congratulations for earning a spot on an East Coweta High School baseball team!  Parents, congratulations to each of you, we know you are proud of your son!

We have scheduled our first Parent/Player Meeting for Wednesday, January 31 at 6 PM in the main cafeteria.  A parent/guardian must accompany your son to the meeting.  The player dues in the amount of $750 will be collected at the meeting - dues can be paid in cash, check or by credit card - we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.  The players will receive a sandwich meal and drink prior to the start of the meeting.
Below are the incentives we are offering for the 2018 season.  If you have earned an incentive, please send me an email so we can compare our records.
  • $50 off player dues for every paid golf team at our tournament we held in October
  • $50 off player dues for every $250 in donations for raffle/auction at golf tournament
  • $50 off player dues for every $250 sold in poinsettias/amaryllis at our Plant Sale in November
  • $50 off player dues for every $250 sold in Sponsorship Signs and/or Program Ads
Attached are the forms for Sponsorship Signs and Program Ads.  Each year we do an Annual Program, we sell ads for businesses and ads for your player.  If you sell signs or ads before our meeting, you will receive your credit before you make your payment.  If you sell signs or ads after Wednesday night, we will issue you a refund check.
Uniform/Apparel Package
All players will receive a uniform and a hat prior to their first game.  Coach DeLoach is in the process of finalizing the Player Apparel Package for each player.  Once all of the items have been received, the coaches will hand them out to the guys.  A player is unable to receive their player package until their player dues have been paid in full.  
Pre-Pay Concession Stand Punch Cards
We will be selling pre-pay concession stand punch cards at the meeting.  We will file the purchased punch cards in the concession stand.  For every $1 your son spends for a drink/food, we will punch their card.  If their purchase is $1.50, we will punch the card twice and give them 50 cents change.  The punch cards are great for the guys, they don't have to keep up with money and also convenient for parents.
Team Assignment
Coach DeLoach will be assigning your son to a team in the coming week.  Several of the players will be playing on two teams. 
Concession Stand
We are asking for parent volunteers to be a Lead for the concession stand.  Each team requires two Leads so you can help each other or alternate who opens and closes.  Concession stand Leads open the concession stand, help set up, make sure the parents assigned to work show up and to close the concession stand.  Please send me an email if you are interested in being a Lead.  Once your son has been assigned to a team(s), we can work out what team you will be assigned.  We also need parent volunteers to grill hamburgers/hotdogs, please send me your name if interested.   
A concession stand work list will be emailed as soon as the teams are set.  The list is prepared in alphabetical order - how many times you work will be determined by how many home games there are.  To our new parents, the view from the concession stand is great!
Thank you all so much and we will see you on Wednesday!    
Cindy Ridgeway